Cabo de Gata: the dry lands
Cabo de Gata: dry lands
Folkstone graffiti
A remote Spanish village
A Broken Angel
Two buildings - London
Ariadne and the maze
The Island
Decay II
Red Fruit
Two instances of a sunset
The yellow rope
The Grave
A walk on the beach
The Self - beheaded
Six photographs at Luminair Art Exhibition
The Translucence of Decay
The Seasons
The Self - 4
The Self - 5
My photograph on the VIA Arts Price 2018
Time as is
The Worship
Five postcards from Mount Ephraim Gardens
Rediscovering Santiago Calatrava
Dungeness Desert - The reflections of 13 artist
An Unkindness or a Conspiracy of Ravens
Spring Onions
St Bartholomew The Great
Liverpool: three Buildings and a Gormley
Calla Lilies
Unicorn running through Laguna Negra
At the edge of a dream
Achachila Mayor: el Illimani
The Square
The Flower pot
Tiger Lilies
A ruin...
Oxleas Woods
Hops, cabbage and cauliflower
The stone mirror of Uqbar
The Boat - Dungeness
One fish... one loaf
Land and Sea: Kingsdown
El Angel del Gran Poder
Three lemons
After Petrov-Vodkin
Early blossom: Hern Hill - Kent
Serkhe Khollu: Five views of a Mountain
The lake behind Serkhe Khollu
Caminito Del Rey
Revisiting four lakes
Blood Orange
Silk, Ring, Trapeze and strength
Through Abbey Woods to the Thames
Imagination IV
The angels's rest
The Thames by Richmond
Across the Thames...
As the fog clears...
If you are the healer...
Dead leaves
The frozen fingertips of Autumn
Knole Park, funghi and a deer
Autumn in Greenwich Park: 5 instances
But Crow Crow
The eyes have it...
Old buildings in the sunlight
At the foot of Etna
An Ionian sunset
Etna sunset
Still life with portrait
Seasalter sunset
The Sea
Calla lilies
A tree and its shadow
Summer clouds
Flower pot and tomatoes
Monochrome and structures
Walmer and Deal revisited
Flower and Burnet moths
Upcoming Exhibition selection
A summary portfolio
Still Life collection
Imagination II
Imaginations III
Toledo in monochrome
A murder of silhouettes
Five nudes (analogue: Kodak T-Max400)
Black and White landscapes (analogue: Ilford FP4)
Cityscapes - an Andean city (analogue: Ilford FP4)
Cityscapes: part 2 (analogue: Ilford FP4)
Andean Landscapes - 32 images
De bofedales y texturas: Serranía de Murillo
Looking back: dawn over La Paz
Storm clouds over Waterloo Bridge
Four country flowers
ΙΧΘΥΣ (Ichthus)
Pomegranates and grapes
El Espejo de Humo
Time Machine
Time Machine: into the void
Time Machine: the return
Tres lagunas: Serranias de Murillo, La Paz
Illimani: 5 views of its south face
Illimani, the foothills
Illimani: a waterfall in light and shade
Kimsa Cruz - its lakes
Where the air is thin
Ten views: Valleys around La Paz
White Cliffs at dusk
Three crops, Boughton Lees, Kent
Fifteen views of Jersey's coast
The Beginning is the Word
A tree and its bench
London from the Sky Garden
Andalucía: 7 landscapes
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