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Five nudes (analogue: Kodak T-Max400)
5 nudes attempting a carbon print effect with black and white film
The Thames by Richmond
Yorkshire Sculpture Park
These is a small selection of some of the sculptures place in a most wonderful setting: South Yorkshire.
One fish... one loaf
A fish and a loaf....
Kimsa Cruz - its lakes
A series of lakes on the way to the valleys of Cairoma, edging the cordillera Kimsa Cruz, La Paz
Hops, cabbage and cauliflower
Starting a new section of Still Life projects...
Etna sunset
a sunset over Etna from Taormina, the Lady of the Rock chapel
The lake behind Serkhe Khollu
An Andean lake behind Serkhe Khollu, one of the peaks of Serranía de Murillo, La Paz, Bolivia.
If you are the healer...
After Leonard Cohen's song "You wanted darker". 'If you are the healer, It means I'm broken and lame. If thine is the glory, then mine must be the shame. You wanted darker We killed the flame...
Imaginations III
The Third series or collection of imaginary scenes, fantasies, dreams.
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