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Walmer and Deal revisited
Three images of the coast around Deal and Walmer
Oxleas Woods
Walking on Oxleas Woods, appreciating Autumn
The Thames by Richmond
Tres lagunas: Serranias de Murillo, La Paz
As we left La Paz behind we climbed up to 4852 metres over sea level going past three high altitude lakes. The mind cannot capture proportions so what the camera and/or the eye sees as near in fact is quite far away: if you look carefully there are 2 cows pasturing in the yellow band on the other side of the lake in the second image...
Storm clouds over Waterloo Bridge
On a memorable day: 25 April, 2016... Going home
Flower and Burnet moths
Caught by the colour and the moths...
A tree and its bench
A Tree and its bench...
Monochrome and structures
Some monochrome structures...
Three lemons
Three lemons...
Etna sunset
a sunset over Etna from Taormina, the Lady of the Rock chapel
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