Queñua (Polylepis): the only high altitude species, fast disappearing.
On the way to Palca
On the right of the frame,  a tomb, centuries old...
The magnitude of the mountais leaves the observer empty handed....

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The angels's rest
The angels' rest...
A ruin...
While looking through old images I found this one that I had rejected at the time, but now it appeals to me...
At the edge of a dream
At the edge of a dream...
ΙΧΘΥΣ (Ichthus)
An image that has haunted me for a long time that needed to be realised.
An Ionian sunset
Ionian sunsets: an essay on clouds. Seven images
Four country flowers
While walking in Lulligstone, Kent
The Self - beheaded
I imagined my death this morning: In a car crash or by a bullet. I felt sorry for myself. I cried over my corpse for a while. Soon after I started talking of cows, of the government, of how expensive life is nowadays, And I felt better, a little bit good. I meant to tell you that I am really ill. As if without skin, hurt by the air around, wounded by the sun, by words, by dreams. An annoying devil has climbed on the back of my head and doesn't leve me alone. Ulcerous, rotten, I have to live crawling, on all fours, slowly, any way I can. [Jaime Sabines (1926-1999)]
St Bartholomew The Great
Vising Smithfield Market at the weekend, I came across this wonderful church: the Priory Church of St. Bartholomew, founded in AD 1123. as part of a monastery of Augustinian Canons. Bartholomew was one of the Twelve Apostles, brought to Jesus by Saint Philip. He is reputed to have brought Christianity to Armenia where tradition states that he was later flayed alive and crucified head down.
Upcoming Exhibition selection
I will be exhibiting 76 images this coming August at Linden Hall Studio, Deal, Kent. Do join me at the private view to take place on Friday 5 July
Three lemons
Three lemons...
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