After some doubts about this project I decided to publish it anyway. All in your hands, dear friends!
For details about the performers please visit The Aircraft Circus and learn the art of the trapeze.

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Early Autumn...
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Archangel Cassiel, the domain of solitude and tears...
Land and Sea: Kingsdown
Returning to that walk between Kingsdown to Dover with the sea on the left and the land on the right...
The Self - beheaded
I imagined my death this morning: In a car crash or by a bullet. I felt sorry for myself. I cried over my corpse for a while. Soon after I started talking of cows, of the government, of how expensive life is nowadays, And I felt better, a little bit good. I meant to tell you that I am really ill. As if without skin, hurt by the air around, wounded by the sun, by words, by dreams. An annoying devil has climbed on the back of my head and doesn't leve me alone. Ulcerous, rotten, I have to live crawling, on all fours, slowly, any way I can. [Jaime Sabines (1926-1999)]
The Thames by Richmond
Walmer and Deal revisited
Three images of the coast around Deal and Walmer
On the 26th April, 2017, I was invite with a number of other artists to take part in a project based around Dungeness. "The site is quite extraordinary- driftwood and chunks of metal interrupting the flow of a long shingle beach that turns the corner at a vast nuclear power station. The area is covered with shingle and sea plants and includes Derek Jarman's famous garden" in the words of Tim Cousins who organised this event. This is my take on Dungeness...
"Ariadne, I'm coming out I just need to work this maze inside my head I came to like you as I killed the beast inside my heart That part of me is dead..." From 'The Labyrinth Song' by Asaf Avidan
Calla Lilies
I had published these collection of image of Call Lilies some time ago. Here they are once again....
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