After some doubts about this project I decided to publish it anyway. All in your hands, dear friends!
For details about the performers please visit The Aircraft Circus and learn the art of the trapeze.

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If you are the healer...
After Leonard Cohen's song "You wanted darker". 'If you are the healer, It means I'm broken and lame. If thine is the glory, then mine must be the shame. You wanted darker We killed the flame...
One fish... one loaf
A fish and a loaf....
Tres lagunas: Serranias de Murillo, La Paz
As we left La Paz behind we climbed up to 4852 metres over sea level going past three high altitude lakes. The mind cannot capture proportions so what the camera and/or the eye sees as near in fact is quite far away: if you look carefully there are 2 cows pasturing in the yellow band on the other side of the lake in the second image...
A tree and its shadow
A welcome shade in a hot July, Kent...
Looking back: dawn over La Paz
On our way to Serranías de Murrillo, early morning and looking back over the city we left behind.
A murder of silhouettes
A murder of silhouettes: a collections of monochrome, semi-abstract images.
Cityscapes: part 2 (analogue: Ilford FP4)
An Andean city - part 2
At the request of my brother who saw these objects on my wall...
Self portrait
"This is not a self-portrait"
Hops, cabbage and cauliflower
Starting a new section of Still Life projects...
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