Worth mentioning:
The abandoned mining towns on the edge of the lakes....
The people planting potatoes in image 3, the dark brown tilled fields.
 And the llamas in image 7... minuscule in an inmense landscape.
A herd of llamas and a small settlement by the lake
That is the true colour of this lake, possibly due to the mineral content in the water

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Upcoming Exhibition selection
I will be exhibiting 76 images this coming August at Linden Hall Studio, Deal, Kent. Do join me at the private view to take place on Friday 5 July
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Early morning as the fog clears, Greenwich Park
The Self - beheaded
I imagined my death this morning: In a car crash or by a bullet. I felt sorry for myself. I cried over my corpse for a while. Soon after I started talking of cows, of the government, of how expensive life is nowadays, And I felt better, a little bit good. I meant to tell you that I am really ill. As if without skin, hurt by the air around, wounded by the sun, by words, by dreams. An annoying devil has climbed on the back of my head and doesn't leve me alone. Ulcerous, rotten, I have to live crawling, on all fours, slowly, any way I can. [Jaime Sabines (1926-1999)]
De bofedales y texturas: Serranía de Murillo
17 images depicting the wetlands around the Serranías de Murillo, La Paz, Bolivia.
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