Cassiel or stolen emotions
The Angels' rest
I can hear the Angels falling...
The Tarot Reader
Uqbar, Orbis Tertius

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Land and Sea: Kingsdown
Returning to that walk between Kingsdown to Dover with the sea on the left and the land on the right...
Where the air is thin
Why do we choose to live in such far away places? Up above the clouds, with nothing but Nature and hard living...
A summary portfolio
These images best exemplify my work... Here a selection of 25 of those images: 1- Imaginations 2- Landscapes 3- Still Life 4- A Murder of Silhouettes Gallery views at the bottom
The eyes have it...
The eyes have it!
At the foot of Etna
At the foot of Etna: textures and colours
The lake behind Serkhe Khollu
An Andean lake behind Serkhe Khollu, one of the peaks of Serranía de Murillo, La Paz, Bolivia.
A tree and its bench
A Tree and its bench...
Revisiting four lakes
Revisiting the light of these images, high altitude lakes
An Ionian sunset
Ionian sunsets: an essay on clouds. Seven images
The Sea
The sea...
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