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A murder of silhouettes
A murder of silhouettes: a collections of monochrome, semi-abstract images.
Hops, cabbage and cauliflower
Starting a new section of Still Life projects...
The lake behind Serkhe Khollu
An Andean lake behind Serkhe Khollu, one of the peaks of Serranía de Murillo, La Paz, Bolivia.
The angels's rest
The angels' rest...
A vase I found in a junk shop inspired me to these autumn colours...
Storm clouds over Waterloo Bridge
On a memorable day: 25 April, 2016... Going home
The Thames by Richmond
As the fog clears...
Early morning as the fog clears, Greenwich Park
But Crow Crow
"Man could not be man nor God God. The agony Grew. Crow Grinned Crying: “This is my Creation,” Flying the black flag of himself." Ted Hughs
Knole Park, funghi and a deer
A walk in Knole Park and some details along the path...
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