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Across the Thames...
From Southend-On-Sea across the Thames
Flower and Burnet moths
Caught by the colour and the moths...
Revisiting four lakes
Revisiting the light of these images, high altitude lakes
Three lemons
Three lemons...
But Crow Crow
"Man could not be man nor God God. The agony Grew. Crow Grinned Crying: “This is my Creation,” Flying the black flag of himself." Ted Hughs
Toledo in monochrome
The bricks and mortar of Toledo, its streets and a bridge.
Etna sunset
a sunset over Etna from Taormina, the Lady of the Rock chapel
Blood Orange
Continuing with my Still Life project....
After Petrov-Vodkin
After Kuzma Petrov-Vodkin's Still Life with Glass, Fruit and Picture. 1924
A tree and its shadow
A welcome shade in a hot July, Kent...
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