Escaping Shadow
This side of Intimacy
The Mountain
The Oak Tree
Atropos and tne Three Caskets
Atropos; the morning after
Blind Faith and other Graces
The Green Dome beyond the Water
The Sixth Face of Time
Riding Time
The first day of creation
After Paul Nash

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A long lost file, once discarded now found it interesting...
Storm clouds over Waterloo Bridge
On a memorable day: 25 April, 2016... Going home
Rediscovering Santiago Calatrava
Visiting Valencia at the beginning of the month found The City of Arts Sciences a voyage in time. Santiago Calatrava was in fact born in Valencia.
Illimani, the foothills
The foothills of the sacred mountain, Illimani.
Calla lilies
Six cala lilies in six images
St Bartholomew The Great
Vising Smithfield Market at the weekend, I came across this wonderful church: the Priory Church of St. Bartholomew, founded in AD 1123. as part of a monastery of Augustinian Canons. Bartholomew was one of the Twelve Apostles, brought to Jesus by Saint Philip. He is reputed to have brought Christianity to Armenia where tradition states that he was later flayed alive and crucified head down.
Black and White landscapes (analogue: Ilford FP4)
Using a grainy film to achieve a charcoal-like effect in an environment where light and contrast are excessive
Tres lagunas: Serranias de Murillo, La Paz
As we left La Paz behind we climbed up to 4852 metres over sea level going past three high altitude lakes. The mind cannot capture proportions so what the camera and/or the eye sees as near in fact is quite far away: if you look carefully there are 2 cows pasturing in the yellow band on the other side of the lake in the second image...
Thinking about the many celebrations at this time of year: harvest, Day of the Dead, All Saints, autumn...
Looking back: dawn over La Paz
On our way to Serranías de Murrillo, early morning and looking back over the city we left behind.
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