Uqbar, Urbis Tertius
"The lowlands of Tsai Khaldun and the Axa Delta marked the southern frontier of Uqbar and on the islands of the delta wild horses procreate.
... As a result of the religious persecutions of the thirteenth century, the orthodox believers of Uqbar sought refuge on these islands, where to this day their obelisks remain and where it is not uncommon to unearth their stone mirrors.
The impostor magician Smerdis, one of the heresiarchs of Uqbar, had declared:
“the visible universe is an illusion or (more precisely) a sophism. Mirrors... are an abomination because they multiply and disseminate that universe."

(Jorge Luis Borges.Tlön, Uqbar, Orbis Tertius, in Ficciones, Editorial Sur, Buenos Aires,1944.)
This image has been added to my on going Imagination projects. It is in Imaginations IV

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