The wetlands of Serranía de Murillo and other textures

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Upcoming Exhibition selection
I will be exhibiting 76 images this coming August at Linden Hall Studio, Deal, Kent. Do join me at the private view to take place on Friday 5 July
Three lemons
Three lemons...
Flower and Burnet moths
Caught by the colour and the moths...
A Lily....
Where the air is thin
Why do we choose to live in such far away places? Up above the clouds, with nothing but Nature and hard living...
Andalucía: 7 landscapes
Andalucía: 7 landscapes
Illimani: 5 views of its south face
Five views of the Achachila, Illimani, the holy mountain.
The lake behind Serkhe Khollu
An Andean lake behind Serkhe Khollu, one of the peaks of Serranía de Murillo, La Paz, Bolivia.
A tree and its bench
A Tree and its bench...
The Thames by Richmond
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