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El Espejo de Humo
The representation of the god of the night: Tescatlipoca, the Knife of Obsidian. While listening to Lila Downs' " Mano Negra" from her 'Balas y Chocolate' album
Blood Orange
Continuing with my Still Life project....
Kimsa Cruz - its lakes
A series of lakes on the way to the valleys of Cairoma, edging the cordillera Kimsa Cruz, La Paz
Looking back: dawn over La Paz
On our way to Serranías de Murrillo, early morning and looking back over the city we left behind.
Where the air is thin
Why do we choose to live in such far away places? Up above the clouds, with nothing but Nature and hard living...
Four postcards from Alicante
A few days in Alicante...
Light, colour and textures: the subject of this essay.
That tamed English landscape
Walking toward Berlin and The Nevill Bull...
The Boat - Dungeness
Autumn in Greenwich Park: 5 instances
Greenwich park in the late afternoon.
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