Llaika Kullu

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The Tarot Reader: a new image added to my ongoing I "Imaginations IV" project
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Another still life including Marilyn Durkin's painting
Land and Sea: Kingsdown
Returning to that walk between Kingsdown to Dover with the sea on the left and the land on the right...
White Cliffs at dusk
The White Cliffs of Dover before the storm...
A tree and its bench
A Tree and its bench...
Serkhe Khollu: Five views of a Mountain
Serkhe Khollu is a mountain within a section of the Andean Cordillera, Serranía de Murillo, Department of La Paz, Bolivia
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Devon and Beer (the town, not the liquid refreshment!): 5 views
Across the Thames...
From Southend-On-Sea across the Thames
Cityscapes - an Andean city (analogue: Ilford FP4)
A series of black and white photos
One fish... one loaf
A fish and a loaf....
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