This is a collection of some of my photographs that best exemplify my work.
 Please find below a selection of 31 of those images: 
1- Imaginations
2- Landscapes
3- A Murder of Silhouettes (B&W)
4- Still Life
5- Portraits: The Self and The Other

The ruin on the island
Time Machine: the return
Tezcatlipoca: El Espejo de Humo
The Angels' rest
This side of intimacy
St Margarets at Bay
La Paz below
Storm over Faversham
Sunset over Cadiz
Kimsa Cruz cordillera: a lake and llamas
Blue and green
A field of broad bean - Kent
Harvested wheat field - Walmer
A Murder of Silhouettes 
Still Life
The green flower pot
A nest of bread loafs
A loaf and a fish
Cala lilies
The Self
The Self
The Self beheaded
The Tarnished Mirror

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Time Machine: the return
The last of a triptych project: Time Machine
El Angel del Gran Poder
The yearly celebration of Jesus del Gran Poder gathers over 40,000 participants/dancers every year in May/June in La Paz, Bolivia. It is now considered part of UNESCO's Cultural Heritage.
Around Lullingstone, Kent
Storm clouds over Waterloo Bridge
On a memorable day: 25 April, 2016... Going home
The Self - beheaded
I imagined my death this morning: In a car crash or by a bullet. I felt sorry for myself. I cried over my corpse for a while. Soon after I started talking of cows, of the government, of how expensive life is nowadays, And I felt better, a little bit good. I meant to tell you that I am really ill. As if without skin, hurt by the air around, wounded by the sun, by words, by dreams. An annoying devil has climbed on the back of my head and doesn't leve me alone. Ulcerous, rotten, I have to live crawling, on all fours, slowly, any way I can. [Jaime Sabines (1926-1999)]
On the 26th April, 2017, I was invite with a number of other artists to take part in a project based around Dungeness. "The site is quite extraordinary- driftwood and chunks of metal interrupting the flow of a long shingle beach that turns the corner at a vast nuclear power station. The area is covered with shingle and sea plants and includes Derek Jarman's famous garden" in the words of Tim Cousins who organised this event. This is my take on Dungeness...
White Cliffs at dusk
The White Cliffs of Dover before the storm...
Illimani, the foothills
The foothills of the sacred mountain, Illimani.
Imaginations III
The Third series or collection of imaginary scenes, fantasies, dreams.
ΙΧΘΥΣ (Ichthus)
An image that has haunted me for a long time that needed to be realised.
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