This is a collection of some of my photographs that best exemplify my work.
Here a selection of 31 of those images: 
1- Imaginations
2- Landscapes
3- A Murder of Silhouettes
4- Still Life

Self portrait
The ruin on the island
Time Machine: the return
Tezcatlipoca: El Espejo de Humo
The Angels' rest
This side of intimacy
A Murder of Silhouettes 
Still Life

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Upcoming Exhibition selection
I will be exhibiting 76 images this coming August at Linden Hall Studio, Deal, Kent. Do join me at the private view to take place on Friday 5 July
At the foot of Etna
At the foot of Etna: textures and colours
That tamed English landscape
Walking toward Berlin and The Nevill Bull...
The stone mirror of Uqbar
An image based on Jorge Luis Borges' short story: Tlön, Uqbar, Orbis Tertius where it is believe that the inhabitants of that land abhorred mirrors because they multiply the illusory universe.
Etna sunset
a sunset over Etna from Taormina, the Lady of the Rock chapel
A ruin...
While looking through old images I found this one that I had rejected at the time, but now it appeals to me...
A few views of the garden of England: Kent.
The Boat - Dungeness
Illimani: 5 views of its south face
Five views of the Achachila, Illimani, the holy mountain.
Three lemons
Three lemons...
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