This is a collection of some of my photographs that best exemplify my work.
 Please find below a selection of 31 of those images: 
1- Imaginations
2- Landscapes
3- A Murder of Silhouettes (B&W)
4- Still Life
5- Portraits: The Self and The Other

The ruin on the island
Time Machine: the return
Tezcatlipoca: El Espejo de Humo
The Angels' rest
This side of intimacy
St Margarets at Bay
La Paz below
Storm over Faversham
Sunset over Cadiz
Kimsa Cruz cordillera: a lake and llamas
Blue and green
A field of broad bean - Kent
Harvested wheat field - Walmer
A Murder of Silhouettes 
Still Life
The green flower pot
A nest of bread loafs
A loaf and a fish
Cala lilies
The Self
The Self
The Self beheaded
The Tarnished Mirror

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