This is a collection of some of my photographs that best exemplifies my work.
1- Imaginations
2- Landscapes
3- A Murder of Silhouettes
4- Still Life

A Murder of Silhouettes 
Still Life

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Blood Orange
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That tamed English landscape
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Monochrome and structures
Some monochrome structures...
A murder of silhouettes
A murder of silhouettes: a collections of monochrome, semi-abstract images.
As the fog clears...
Early morning as the fog clears, Greenwich Park
The Tarot Reader
The Tarot Reader: a new image added to my ongoing I "Imaginations IV" project
Flower pot and tomatoes
The flower pot in my sitting room and the tomatoes for my salad!
Knole Park, funghi and a deer
A walk in Knole Park and some details along the path...
Calla lilies
Six cala lilies in six images
Walmer and Deal revisited
Three images of the coast around Deal and Walmer
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