This is a collection of some of my photographs that best exemplify my work.
 Please find below a selection of 31 of those images: 
1- Imaginations
2- Landscapes
3- A Murder of Silhouettes (B&W)
4- Still Life
5- Portraits: The Self and The Other

The ruin on the island
Time Machine: the return
Tezcatlipoca: El Espejo de Humo
The Angels' rest
This side of intimacy
St Margarets at Bay
La Paz below
Storm over Faversham
Sunset over Cadiz
Kimsa Cruz cordillera: a lake and llamas
Blue and green
A field of broad bean - Kent
Harvested wheat field - Walmer
A Murder of Silhouettes 
Still Life
The green flower pot
A nest of bread loafs
A loaf and a fish
Cala lilies
The Self
The Self
The Self beheaded
The Tarnished Mirror

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Somewhere in London
Views from Greenwich Park in monochrome
Upcoming Exhibition selection
I will be exhibiting 76 images this coming August at Linden Hall Studio, Deal, Kent. Do join me at the private view to take place on Friday 5 July
Somewhere in the Andes
Reviewing some photographs from a collection of a trip to my homeland, La Paz, Bolivia, in search of my grandfathers' lands.
Silk, Ring, Trapeze and strength
After some doubt about this project I decided to publish it anyway. It is all in your hands, dear friends!
If you are the healer...
After Leonard Cohen's song "You wanted darker". 'If you are the healer, It means I'm broken and lame. If thine is the glory, then mine must be the shame. You wanted darker We killed the flame...
Andalucía: 7 landscapes
Andalucía: 7 landscapes
Calla lilies
Six cala lilies in six images
Continuing with my Still Life series...
Grain Fort and cause way another view
Grain Tower is a mid-19th-century gun tower situated offshore just east of Grain, Kent, standing in the mouth of the River Medway. It was built along the same lines as the Martello towers that were constructed along the British and Irish coastlines in the early 19th century and is the last-built example of a gun tower of this type. It owed its existence to the need to protect the important dockyards at Sheerness and Chatham from a perceived French naval threat during a period of tension in the 1850s. Rapid improvements to artillery technology in the mid-19th century meant that the tower was effectively obsolete as soon as it had been completed. A proposal to turn it into a casemated fort was dropped for being too expensive. By the end of the 19th century the tower had gained a new significance as a defence against raids by fast torpedo boats. It was used in both the First and Second World Wars, when its fabric was substantially altered to support new quick-firing guns.
Six photographs at Luminair Art Exhibition
For the whole of January Luminair Arts will be committing 80% of two floors of the Gallery to an 'Affordable Art Exhibition' I am presenting 6 photographs: a self portrait, one digital art and 4 still life. If you are visiting Tate Britain or are in the Pimlico/Victoria area, do pop in and visit Luminaire. The Gallery address is 7 Denbigh Street Pimlico, SW1V 2HF
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